WATER LIGHTS Multimedia Fountain Park



In the last days of April, the beauty of fountains at Warsaw’s Podzamcze was gradually brought to light during technical checks. They were springing, pulsating and glowing. However, it was on 1st May when the fountains revealed their amazing magical power to over 30-thousand-strong audience gathered in the Multimedia Fountain Park.

Only recently, we found out that under the surface of the fountains, hidden from human eyes, there is a kingdom of a wizard, who manages a complicated control station to provide energizing power to the city. Everyone who followed the guide – Basilisk has believed it and could breathlessly stare at the magician of light and water in action. This evening, the mysterious power of fountains has put a spell on thousands of people.

Dynamic musical illustration was just a perfect complement to an amazing story presented on the water screen. Beautiful colours of dancing fountains, various laser effects and fireworks have greatly impressed the audience, leading to a loud applause. The wizard certainly takes care of Warsaw, while the fountains bring spontaneous joy to everyone who happens to be in the range of their activity.

The show “Water Lights” prepared by Stołeczna Estrada can be enjoyed each Friday and Saturday until 26th September (in May and September it starts at 9 p.m., in June, July and August at 9.30 p.m.). The show is 25 minutes long.

Production: Stołeczna Estrada

Choreography: Marzena Barcik

Dancers: Joasia Zalewska, Maks Dobrowolski, Robert Nieznański

Photos and film production (time-lapse) Michał Janiszewski | www.motion-studio.pl and Centre of Social Communication of the Capital City of Warsaw.

The show was prepared in cooperation with Frameworx, Oase and Water System.

Media Patrons: ZET Chilli, Co Jest Grane, Metro.

The partner of special shows in Multimedia Fountain Park is LOTTO.