1st May will open the sixth year of shows at Multimedia Fountain Park – one of the most popular event of Warsaw in recent years. This year the show will feature “Mermaids of Warsaw” and present the legend that they are related to. Thanks to modern techniques, the story will refer to the city of today, as well as to its history. 

- Almost a million people, citizens of Warsaw and tourists, visited the Multimedia Fountain Park last year. I hope, this year, the number of visitors will be equally impressive – says Andrzej Matusiak, director of Stołeczna Estrada, organiser of the event. – The Fountain Park is one of the most important summer event in the capital. We have designed an exciting performance with an absolutely exceptional musical and visual layer.

The show refers to one of the most famous figures featured in legends of Warsaw. – Especially for the purpose of this show, we have created a new image of the Mermaid – explains Andrzej Matusiak, who has written the script – This vision shows modern, young women of Warsaw, who are active and engaged in the city life.

We will see them in a couple of scenes held in various places in Warsaw: by the Vistula river, in the Old Town, in one of the state schools. They are cheerful and always smiling, they turn up unexpectedly everywhere where someone needs help. The authors of the show aimed to pass an energetic, colourful and positive message onto the audience. Animations joined together with light effects, lasers and spectacular fountains will create an unforgettable effect.

Other equally important aspect of the show, will be the reference to Warsaw’s history, by telling the story of one of the heroes of the capital – Krystyna Krahelska, a.k.a. ‘Danuta”. Ethnographer, poet, author of the wartime song “Hej, chłopcy, bagnet na broń!”, and participant of the Warsaw Uprising – she died in the very first days of the revolt. Before the war had started, she posed for prof. Ludwika Nitschowa, creator of bronze monument of the Mermaid of Warsaw, which is still standing by the Vistula. – This is a symbolic way of commemorating her. We wanted to make a tribute to this incredible person. – adds Andrzej Matusiak.

This year’s animations were created by Paweł Piotr Przybył. The artist is an author of a great number of multimedia shows, graphic projects and aminations which gave him international recognition.

Programming of fountains and special effects is a splendid work of  Łukasz Kamil Ciscoń (OASE) and Basa Verstraelena (LIGHTLINE).

The shows will be featured by the music composed by one of the greatest European artists. Who? You will find out soon.

Stołeczna Estrada would like to invite you to the first shows of Multimedia Fountain Park, which will be held on 1st, 2nd, 3rd May at 9.30 pm. Admission free.