THE DANCE OF SOURCES Multimedia Fountain Park


a new show in the Multimedia Fountain Park in Podzamcze

Coming soon is the inauguration of the fourth season in the Multimedia Fountain Park. On this occasion, Stołeczna Estrada, the curator of one of the biggest tourist attractions of Warsaw, has prepared a brand new show.
On May 3, at 21.00 hrs., we invite you to the premiere of "The Dance of Sources," the show inspired by the legend of the founders of Warsaw, with its protagonist being a couple coming from different worlds - water and land. They will be portrayed by young Warsaw dancers.

"The Dance of Sources" is a fantasy tale, a symbolic story whose protagonists are modern characters equipped with extraordinary powers. The girl has control over water and the forces of nature. She has the power of giving life which is in the water and nature. The boy possessed the power of light, technology and the energy of virtual world. His attributes are strength, speed and dynamism necessary to build a new city. Their meeting paves the way to connect these two orders. This is a story of mutual fascination and love, but also of struggle with adversities.

Our two heroes have an indomitable appetite for life and thrive new challenges. It is through their meeting and combination of different elements that a new energy is created that will have to confront a destructive force wishing to suppress everything new, beautiful and ground-breaking.
The story also allows us to feel the pulse of the urban organism that transforms and is reborn.

The story is told by dance and modern technology: computer-controlled fountains and LED lighting, lasers and projections on a giant water screen. Using all of these techniques allows us to immerse ourselves in the story told by the water and light - two elements that created the city. Streams and fountains, their dynamics and colours that change following the storyline, enchant and mesmerize us, taking us for the duration of the show away from the surrounding reality. It is definitely worthwhile to book one of the weekend nights for this fascinating spectacle.

The show lasts 25 minutes and will be presented every Friday and Saturday from 3 May to 27 September (in May and September, at 21 hrs., in June, July and August at 21.30 hrs.).

The spectacle was prepared to carefully chosen music and choreography prepared by Marzena Barcik and with the collaboration of excellent young dancers (Katarzyna Kubalska and Jakub Prusa). The creator of this year's animation is Frameworx and the fountains are designed by Oase and Water System.
Multimedia Fountain Park is the largest of its type in Poland. Since its opening in 2011, the Warsaw Fountains have become one of the most recognisable sights in the capital, both by its residents and tourists.
Last year, the show was seen by 750,000 viewers.
This is yet another modern flagship confirming the attractiveness of the city of Warsaw, its development and innovation. With the fountains and the events organised by Stołeczna Estrada in this area (such as the largest open outdoor event - Garlands over Vistula), Podzamcze has become a meeting point, a place for recreation and relaxation.