WATER LIGHTS Multimedia Fountain Park



The Fountains in Podzamcze treasure secrets we have never known about. Under its surface, the water hides a net of tunnels, corridors and a control station which provides power to Warsaw. We see it on above thanks to the “Water Lights”, which dance on the fountains passing the revitalising energy onto the entire city.
The opening show is already on 1st May at 9 p.m.

“Water Lights” is a new show prepared by Stołeczna Estrada for summer 2015. This season we will discover the invisible world, legendary Basilisk will let us in through a hidden tunnel. We are going to meet The Golden Duck, a wizard who controls the fountains, and other magical creatures, which will help us see the brilliant fusion in which fountains and Warsaw come together. Do the neons, bridges and lamps shine thanks to magicians who took over the fountain world? We will find out at the beginning of May during the May Picnic in Multimedia Fountain Park at Podzamcze.

Animations on the water screen will be accompanied by computer controlled fountains, lights, lasers and musical background, specially selected for the event.

The show is 25 minutes long and takes place each Friday and Saturday from 1st May till 26th September (in May and September it starts at 9 p.m., in June, July and August at 9.30 p.m.). A schedule is available at www.estrada.com.pl

The show is organised by Stołeczna Estrada in cooperation with Frameworx, Oase and Water System.
Choreography: Marzena Barcik
Dancers: Joasia Zalewska, Maks Dobrowolski, Robert Nieznański
Photos and film about Warsaw shared by Michał Janiszewski (www.motion-studio.pl) and the
Centre of Social Communication of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Media Patrons: Radio ZET Chilli, Co Jest Grane, Metro.

The partner of special shows in Multimedia Fountain Park is LOTTO.


Multimedia Fountain Park is the biggest initiative of its kind in Poland. Since its opening in 2011, Warsaw Fountains became one of the best known attractions of the capital, appealing to both locals and tourists. It is another modern showcase of the city.
Last year the show was seen by 800 thousand visitors.

Thanks to the Fountains and events organised by Stołeczna Estrada (such as Garlands over Vistula) the area of Podzamcze became a place of entertainment, relax and get-togethers.