By the river...naturally Garlands over Vistula

By the river...naturally

Garlands over the Vistula River in Warsaw

This year, The Garlands over the Vistula River are celebrated on 25th June, shortly after Midsummer Nigh, which falls on Friday, St John’s Day.

This year’s programme prepared by Stołeczna Estrada concentrates on the river, and how attractive it is, thanks to its preserved natural state. We will have a chance to enjoy the rafting and fish market by the river, while at Podzamcze, there will be a great family picnic, dances, concerts of Polish music stars and an impressive firework display at midnight.

In the recent years the Garlands have gone through a metamorphosis. Thanks to many investments, we can hold some of our events on the river bank, which is a very appealing prospect to our audience. – says Andrzej Matusiak, Director of Stołeczna Estrada. We want this event to be a great, family celebration of the river, which passes through the city. The Garlands give a great opportunity to join together two banks of the river and to show its natural beauty.

The event will start at 2 pm, with a great midsummer picnic, organised by The Breakfast Market (Targ Śniadaniowy), a well-known Warsaw initiative. Everyone is invited to sit down on the grass, enjoy the chilling fountain breeze, and savour regional delicacies from Mazovia, Kurpie, Silesia and Kashubia regions. Roasted sheep, bread oven, and a presentation of how to make a sękacz cake are a few of many attractions, which we will get to treat ourselves to. In the Fern Flower Village we will learn about Slavic rituals and get the midsummer prediction of our fortune. There will be traditional wooden ships with spritsails and square rigs floating down the river, but this year, we will also see a sidewheel steamer “Gloria Mechanica”.

Before concerts of Polish music stars start on the main stage, on the deck by the fountain we will dance waltz, swing and rock & roll, to the rhythm of Polish hits. Don’t worry if you don’t know the steps! Dancers and entertainers will show you what to do. At the end of the day, Warsaw is the place to dance!

Having recognised a great success of retro stage at the Garlands, and a series of dances organised last year for celebration of 60th anniversary of Stołeczna Estrada, we are back with new propositions, which promote and nourish folklore and traditions of Warsaw. – says Andrzej Matusiak. Dances are extremely popular now. The audience wants to enjoy the weather and have fun outdoors. We will open the summer stage at the Garlands, and exactly there, in the Multimedia Fountain Park we will be having a series of four June weekend dances. They will start in the afternoon and continue up to the evening fountain show.

The evening main stage line-up is an explosion of Polish music, including two winners of Fryderyki 2016 music awards Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir were rewarded for remastering a long-forgotten album 1976: A Space Odyssey, which won The Best Pop Album award; while Lao Ches Dzieciom scored The Best Rock Album.  

Energy levels will be kept high by Mrozu and Kamp!,, a band which opened a new chapter of Polish electro-pop music, a couple of years ago.

The night will be closed by DJ ZAKS, whose set will get us in a perfect mood for an incredible firework display, which will bring the midsummer night party to the end.

Admission to all the events is free.

The event is organised by Stołeczna Estrada, Cultural Institution of the Capital City of Warsaw.

21st Garlands over the Vistula event is organised thanks to the financial support of The Council of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Partner of the event: Tyskie

Media Patrons: Radio Zet Gold, Gazeta,, Co Jest Grane24, and WawaLove portal.

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